Motherhood and Mops: Mompreneur Launches Product Line as She Welcomes First Child

Yuliana Martinez and her husband have created Chabod Home, an innovative line of cleaning products after building a successful cleaning services business in San Antonio.

“We tried so many brands, but there were always a few things we just couldn’t find anywhere,” says Martinez. “After building and saving for years, we finally decided if we couldn’t buy what we needed, we would create it instead.” After months of testing and supply chain delays, Chabod Home was the natural next step for the business, and came with the happy discovery that Yuliana was pregnant. Their first daughter, Amalia, was born just days after launching the new product line in early July.

“Amalia is the reason for everything,” says Martinez. “The dream for Chabod Home is to create a legacy for our family, and the whirlwind of getting it off the ground while pregnant with her was totally worth it.” The initial product offerings include three cleaning tools meant to solve everyday problems the Chabod Cleaning Services crews often encounter in clients’ homes or offices.

  • The Anguis Short is a flexible grabber pickup tool, which can function as a drain auger, reaching assist tool, or hair clog remover. Retailing at just $19.99, it’s cheaper than a plumber and solves a variety of problems for housekeepers and homeowners alike.
  • The Peniculus is an under duster cleaning appliance with a removable and washable microfiber cloth. The flat design and telescopic handle means it’s able to reach as high or as far as dust or debris can travel. The tool retails for $19.99, and is available for wholesale pricing like all Chabod Home products.
  • The Tortamque is an innovative reusable lint roller, removing the waste and expense of other lint roller models. At just $17.50, you’ll never have to purchase another lint roller again, and fur or other particles are removed from clothing with ease.

With a days-old baby and newborn product line as well, Yuliana Martinez is discovering that while her hands are full, her heart is happy. “I can’t wait to share our products with our community, and make Amalia proud,” she says. “This has been our family’s dream since we were living in Colombia, and we’re so thrilled to see it coming true.”

About Chabod Home

Chabod Home is a collection of useful products designed by Yuliana and Andres Martinez, owners of Chabod Cleaning Services, to enhance your cleaning experience. The initial launch of three tools provide practical, functional and durable cleaning solutions to help keep all of your spaces clean. Even the most difficult places to reach, like pipes, drains, or ventilation ducts. Chabod Home sustainable tools save time and money on purchasing cleaning products and preventing costly repairs. For more information on distributor and wholesale opportunities, visit

About Chabod Cleaning Services

Chabod Cleaning Services was founded in 2014 and believes the key to their clients’ satisfaction is reliability, and they take extra care to make sure they’re there for their clients and their home or business when you need the job done right. Each of their cleaning services is guaranteed—you’ll be satisfied with the service you receive or they’ll make it right. Specializing in Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning/Services, and Rental Property Management and Cleaning Services, you can find out more about their company by visiting

*Logo is courtesy of Chabod Home

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