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Pool Skimming Robot Sales to Provide Free Swim Lessons to Arizona Kids in Foster Care

Tempe-based Pivot-Solar Breeze is the maker of Ariel, an autonomous pool skimming robot.

Tempe-based Pivot Solar-Breeze (PSB), maker of the solar-powered pool skimming robot Ariel, is pleased to announce that it will donate up to $10,000 to Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (AFFCF) in support of swim lessons for Arizona children in foster care. For every Ariel unit purchased via in July and August, PSB will contribute $20 towards the fundraising goal.

AFFCF funds a variety of social, athletic and educational activities for children in foster care that are not otherwise funded by the state or other programs. In the last 12 months, AFFCF has invested over $114,000.00 in statewide swim lessons for children in foster care. AFFCF has eight preferred swim lesson partners which provide discounts on private and semi-private swim lessons to children in foster care from 16 Arizona locations.

“When you are a child in foster care, it seems like everybody around you knows it. When they get to put their little swimsuits on and hop in a pool with other kids at Hubbard Family Swim, they feel like a ‘normal’ kid for that amount of time during the week,” said Kris Jacober, Executive Director of AFFCF. Through AFFCF, each child may only participate in one fully-funded activity at a time, but learning how to swim is the exception. If a child wants to participate in both basketball and swim lessons, AFFCF will fully cover both.

“Learning how to swim and behave safely around a pool is an important experience for all, and we are pleased to support those lessons for children who are living through difficult circumstances,” said Paul Sim, Vice President of Pivot-Solar Breeze. “Every child deserves the opportunity to have fun in a swimming pool, and to learn how to do it safely.” Drowning is the single leading cause of accidental death for children ages one to four years old and 3,500 will likely drown this year in the U.S. alone.

Ariel works around the clock skimming the surface of the pool, relieving pool owners and pool professionals of hand-skimming. The robot retails for $628.00 and customers may enjoy $100.00 off when using the code ‘heyariel’ at checkout. To learn more about Ariel by Solar-Breeze, visit To learn more about Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, and to submit an application to have swim lessons funded, visit

About Ariel by Pivot-Solar Breeze

Tempe-based Pivot-Solar Breeze is the maker of Ariel, an autonomous pool skimming robot. Ariel produces clean pools by combining the force of solar-power and intelligent technology to elegantly travel a pool’s surface collecting debris. After placing the Ariel unit in the pool and turning her on, she effortlessly operates around the clock to remove dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, oil and more before the debris decays and sinks to the bottom. Ariel owners enjoy a net-free world, less bacteria and algae growth, less filtration and sanitization needs, and less pool pump runtime. Pivot-Solar Breeze is dedicated to introducing pool people to a board line of advanced and eco-friendly pool maintenance solutions. Leveraging patented technology in the solar-powered robotic pool accessories space, its market presence spans 48 states and 20 countries.

About Arizona Friends of Foster Children

The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (AFFCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive childhood experiences for youth in foster care and preparing them for successful adulthoods through programming and scholarships. The AFFCF began in 1983 with a donation of less than $30, which allowed a young boy the opportunity to take flute lessons. Since that first act, the AFFCF has made more than 70,000 awards totaling more than $13 million to children in foster care in Arizona. Awards funded by AFFCF include athletic registration and equipment, lessons, summer camp, prom dresses, tutoring, apartment set ups and more. The AFFCF Keys to Success program provides career development services, education support and employment services for youth ages 16-24 who are transitioning out of foster care. The AFFCF post-secondary scholarship program funds scholarships for youth attending colleges, universities and vocational education programs. To support this important work for the more than 13,000 children currently in Arizona foster care, visit

SOURCE Pivot-Solar Breeze

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