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Beware of Back-to-School Shopping Scams

Security protection, like Lookout, will automatically monitor and identify scam URLs in email...

Technology has transformed the hustle and bustle of back-to-school season. According to a recent survey, 35% of school shopping is done online and 65% of those purchases are done from a smartphone. But what is convenient for some is also an opportunity for scammers to exploit consumers during a very busy time of year. The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about back-to-school shoppers being targeted by online scams. 

In honor of National Back to School Prep Day on Monday, August 15, Lookout, the leader in delivering integrated Security, Privacy, and Identity Theft Protection solutions has provided immediate steps consumers can take to ensure a safe online shopping experience. 

>> Stop Before You Click
If you are not certain that a message is from a legitimate source, avoid clicking on links or attachments in emails, on websites, or on social media. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. 

>> Only Use Unique & Strong Passwords 
Immediately update any old passwords that have been compromised online. Enable two-factor authentication. 

>> Install Security Software On Your Devices
Security protection, like Lookout, will automatically monitor and identify scam URLs in email, text messages, and on the web and block you from threats that can do harm.

Tips by Hank Schless, Senior Manager of Security Solutions at Lookout.

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