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Helping Your Kids Boost Their Resume Before Hitting the Workforce

When your kids are living at home, it can be easier to do things for them, rather than teach them new skills...

Most of us remember our first jobs. The feeling of empowerment that comes with getting your first paycheck and the uncertainty that often comes along with learning how to navigate the world of work. However, it can be intimidating for kids to enter the workforce, whether they’re applying for an internship, trying to make some extra cash working retail during high school, or getting their first job out of college.

As a parent, it’s not your job to go through the application process for your kids. It’s important to let them take the lead and assert their independence. No one wants their parent sitting with them in an interview, and that’s not the best way to introduce them to the “real world.”

With that said, you can and should help your kids prepare for the hiring process. You can help them build a resume well before they’re ready for their first jobs, then give them more specific tips before they start actually looking for a job. Here’s what you can do.

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